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About firm

Welcome to our site!

We have created Aquila Ltd. in 2003, that was a logical continuation of the implementation of our partners' experience and knowledge accumulated over years of work in the field of consulting and legal practice.

The complexity of business development, the variety of problems and issues is known to everyone who walked along this way. Providing support to businesses (juridical entity) and individuals in such circumstances, we are constantly expanding and we continue to expand our knowledge and practical achievements. This fact on the other hand, in turn, protects us from limiting our practice providing highly specialized services, performing template actions. This approach allows us to enjoy the work, both for us and the clients who always gives preference to the complex problem solving rather than "patching holes".

Legal, consulting, accounting services to juridical persons and individuals in the area of economic activity - in this way the view of the firm can be summarized. Behind this is the implementation of a wide range of works of a different complexity and duration from preparation of the treaty draft or a short oral consultation to development of a complex business project, its implementation support.

Currently, the territorial structure of the company represented by the head office in Kiev and a representative office in Odessa.

This site is the first step towards you, giving you the opportunity to get the first acquaintance with our company. We are always willing to listen to You and accurately do our job making maximum effort.